Friday, 1 July 2011

Hey to you all :)

this is my very first post :)
i gather not many people will read this when i publish it but im going to do it anyway.

my name is bree. I'm 22 years old my birthday is November 23. I live in the north-east of England, with my family. im currently studying Criminology and decided to make a blog to pass the time and just be kind of be goofy on. :D

see you next blog
xoXo -B


  1. Criminology wow!
    Congratulations to your blog and Good luck!

  2. i some how got on your blog and loved your nail tutorials. (:

    i'm also going to be studying criminology, and i'm also thinking about making my own blog, if i do i'll make sure to floow you. good luck !

  3. Congrats on your blog...I'm following!

    maybe follow back??

  4. I read your blog that's very cool. i m also going to follow you. thanks for such a nice blog. List of Colleges in Philippines offering Criminology courses


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